Painted Wholecloth Quilts | Sue Beevers - June 10-14, 2019


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Painted Wholecloth Quilts

Painted wholecloth quilts are exciting to create, and can range from simple to intricate.  Participants will explore two dimensional, free-form and geometric design, and will execute these designs in paint using masking, stenciling and printing techniques, and water soluble resist. This workshop is designed to give students an opportunity to become familiar with making a pointed wholecloth quilt. Participants will explore free-form, geometric, and stenciled design, and will execute these designs in paint using Masking, stenciling, printing techniques, and water soluble resist.

Topics include:
Properties of silk resist
Applying silk resist
Painting resisted fabric
Paint properties: Opacity and Viscosity
Painting techniques
Effects of fabric moisture
Geometric design
Painted embellishments
Designing with stencils
Decorative embellishments
Decorative machine embellishments

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Tuition: $500 ($200 deposit charged at registration)
Level; All
Materials Fees: $30-90 (paid separately during the workshop)


Instructor Bio:

Sue Beevers is an author, fabric designer, fabric painter, and quilter. She’s been a guest artist twice on HGTV's Simply Quilts, and she designs fabrics for Northcott. But here's what you may not know about her... 

She is an artist and painter, but she started out as a spinner, weaver, and dyer, and her fiber work exists in collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. Sue has also travelled extensively giving lectures and workshops at most of the major weaving and spinning fiber conferences. She still has a weaving studio. 

Sue is also a cellist. She has a private cello studio, and she teaches cello at Hamilton College. So, she lives in two different worlds: music and art.

Sue lives in rural central New York State, and much of her work is about the inextricable link between people and the natural world and the sheer joy of existing in such a fascinating environment.

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