Tools & Supplies

Tools & Supplies

  1. Electric Tjanting Bowls
    Electric Tjanting Bowls
    Price From: $14.95

    Electric Tjanting Bowls: These fit our regular electric models. They have brass spouts and are available in the sizes below. They are made in our facility in the USA.

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  2. Foam Brushes - Set of 6
    Foam Brushes - Set of 6

    Set of 6 x 1" foam brushes with wooden handles. Washable and reusable. An inexpensive way to cover large areas with dyes or thin paint. Great to use when tie-dyeing.

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  3. Moldable Foam Magic Stamp®
    Moldable Foam Magic Stamp®
    Price From: $2.95

    Magic Stamp® is a wonderful material that allows you to mold your own foam stamps from any natural or man-made textured surface and can be reheated and remolded again and again. The molded image is quite durable but will disappear as you reheat them. These stamps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    Click below on the drop down menu for additional information and sizes.

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  4. Petites Gel Printing Plates by Gel Press
    Petites Gel Printing Plates by Gel Press
    $21.95 $19.95

    Gel Press Petites are 3″ shaped gel plates, engineered to be used for creating mosaic patterns with or without an acrylic mount. The are also perfect for using in stamp positioning systems.

    Available in 2 sets: Circle, Triangle, Square & Rectangle, Oval, Hexagon!
    The possibilities are endless!
    Super sensitive surface to capture more texture and details.
    Easy to use and clean!
    Container included for easy storage
    Gel is made in the USA
    Non-Toxic / Latex Free

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  5. Blowtube

    Blowtube: Used to clear spouts of electric tjanting bowls so wax flows freely. One comes with the electric tjanting, but an extra one is handy to have around.

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  6. Single Spout Tjanting
    Single Spout Tjanting

    Single Spout Tjanting: The tjanting (wax pen) is a hand drawing tool that provides a continuous flow of hot wax.

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  7. Waxmelter Batik Pen
    Waxmelter Batik Pen

    This wax pen is great for making lines, shapes and writing text. You no longer have to worry about wax dripping from the tip of the pen. A metal pin sits in the wax bowl and blocks the flow of wax until you have placed it on your fabric, at which point the pressure pushes the pin up slightly and the wax dispenses. The wax pen plugs in to any standard outlet and is filled with your batik or soy wax.

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  8. TruAir® Respirator | Disposable Dust / Mist Mask With Vent
    TruAir® Respirator | Disposable Dust / Mist Mask With Vent
    Price From: $1.95

    TruAir® Respirators are great, inexpensive dust/mist and aerosol respirators. Recommended for the occasional dyer who works with powders and wants 99% filtration against aerosols.

    - Exhalation vent reduces hot air buildup, making breathing easier.

    - Extra soft polypropylene inner lining provides superior comfort.

    - NIOSH approved.

    - One size fits all

    *It does not replace a dual cartridge full face respirator. 

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  9. Plastic Flat/Ribbed Caps
    Plastic Flat/Ribbed Caps
    Price From: $0.17

    These plastic ribbed caps with foam liners are great for storing dye solutions, paints, resists etc. Air tight and snug fit.

    Please note: Bottles are NOT included!

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  10. Disposable Vinyl Gloves | Box of 50 pair
    Disposable Vinyl Gloves | Box of 50 pair

    These Disposable Vinyl Powdered Gloves (Latex Free) are available in boxes of 50 pairs. They come in Medium & Large sizes.

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