Tie Dye | Dyes, Kits & Supplies

Tie Dye | Dyes, Kits & Supplies

  1. Tie Dye Kit | 10-12 Shirts
    Tie Dye Kit | 10-12 Shirts

    Have some Retro fun with this Tie Dye Kit! Dyes up to 10-12 medium to large adult shirts!

    This kit contains:
    15 gm. Sun Yellow MX108

    15 gm. Fuchsia MX308
    15 gm. Brightest Blue MX404
    227 gm. PRO Urea
    285 gm. Soda Ash
    2 oz. Low Foam Synthrapol
    3 x 8 oz. sqeeze bottles w/yorkers
    Approximately 50 Elastic Bands
    3 pair of disposable gloves
    1 x Dust Mist Mask

    Tie Dye and Folding directions

    Please Note: All colors in our kits are pre-selected in-house. Colors cannot be substituted.

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  2. Tie-Dye (The How To Book) by Virginia Gleser
    Tie-Dye (The How To Book) by Virginia Gleser
    $11.65 $9.95

    Learn the secrets of tie-dying and create your own beautiful fabrics. This user-friendly book will show you how to create seven unique and beautiful designs. Clear, simple instructions, including photos of each stage of tie dying, will guide you through the process. Full color photos show the stunning results possible.

    Soft Cover, 92 pages

    Please Note: This book is back in-print! Get it while it lasts!

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  3. Tie Dye Party Packs | 25, 50 & 100 people
    Tie Dye Party Packs | 25, 50 & 100 people
    Price From: $24.95

    Have a blast from the past, with our Tie Dye party packs! Tie dyeing is an art of its own and so much fun with a group of friends! Choose from our party packs of 25, 50, or 100 people. Click on the below size for a list of contents in each kit!

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  4. PRO MX Fiber Reactive Dye
    PRO MX Fiber Reactive Dye
    Price From: $1.95

    PRO MX Reactive Dyes (Procion) are the most popular and versatile of all our dyes. A more detailed description can be found below, along with directions and the most current SDS.

    >>Pure, Manufactured PRO MX Fiber Reactive Dyes<<

    Please Note: These colors are a representation of the actual dye. Colors may vary due to your computer settings. Please test colors before beginning a project requiring an exact color match.
    When using these dyes for ICE DYEING, Please keep in mind that you will see the components of the mix not a solid color. For Example: When using BLACKS you will see the individual colors from the mixture and not a solid black.

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  5. Single Mask
    Disposable Dust / Mist Respirator Mask
    Price From: $1.35

    These masks are great to protect yourself from dust and mists. They also have a 95% filtration against aerosols that are free of oils. They are an affordable alternative to a respirator and can fit any budget. The large molded shell helps to reduce breathing resistance, minimizing end-user fatigue. They have Non-latex, elastic head straps, plus an adjustable nose piece to provide a safe, secure fit. NIOSH N95 Approved.
    Available in a Single Mask, Set of 3 & Set of 12.

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  6. Disposable Latex Gloves | Box of 50 pair
    Disposable Latex Gloves | Box of 50 pair

    These Disposable & Powder Free Latex gloves are sold by the box of 50 pairs. Available in Small, Medium & Large sizes.

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  7. Dyer's Gloves | 26 in.
    Dyer's Gloves | 26 in.

    A machine washable, 26" Nitrile glove (approximate shoulder length)  for all of your dyeing needs. This glove has a cotton liner, textured palm and fingers for non-slip grip, as well as an elasticized top.  These gloves are NOT heat resistant!

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  8. 18 in.
    Nitrile Gloves | 13 in. - 18 in.
    Price From: $3.95

    Light weight, industrial quality and extremely tough nitrile gloves. They are highly flexible and resist punctures or abrasion. They are available in a 13" Glove that offers size 7, 8 or 9 and an 18" Glove that offers size 8 & 9.  The 13" Glove comes up approximately between the wrist and the elbow and the 18" Glove comes past the elbow. Great protection at a low cost!

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  9. Plastic Storage Bottles With Caps
    Plastic Storage Bottles With Caps
    Price From: $0.63

    PLEASE NOTE: When ordering larger quantities of plastic storage bottles and pails etc. All shipping Companies are currently charging a dimensional weight, rather than an actual weight, due to the fact a larger box is required. If there should be an additional shipping charge in addition to what is quoted online, a Customer Service representative will contact you. Thank you!

    These bottles are excellent for storing or applying a variety of products: paints, dyes, resists, etc. These polyethylene bottles come in several convenient sizes and are offered with two types of caps.

    - 1/2 oz. - 32 oz.. are available with a flat cap or yorker cap (just snip the tip to any size)

    - 1/2 gal. - 1 gal. are available with a flat cap only

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  10. PRO Dye Activator
    PRO Dye Activator
    Price From: $1.75

    PRO Dye Activator: Sodium Carbonate The recommended pure alkali fixative for use with all Reactive dyes on cotton and cellulose fibers. Also used to scour fabric along with Synthrapol SP.

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