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PROfab Opaque Paints are designed for Screenprinting, hand painting, stenciling, stamping and anything else that your creative mind can think of. Available in over 30 vibrant colors. A more detailed description can be found below, along with directions and the most current SDS.

Please Note: These colors are a representation of the actual paint. Colors may vary due to your computer settings. Please test colors before beginning a project requiring an exact color match.

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Our PROfab Opaque Paints are made in our plant here in the USA. The difference between these paints and our Transparent paints is that these contain a blockout in the paint mixture, which make them ideal when used on dark colored fabrics. They have a smooth, creamy, pudding like consistency and are water based and non-toxic. They leave a soft feel to the hand and can be used on all fabrics, including synthetics. They can also be used on wood, non-washable decorative glassware, and even ceramics. Mix with PROfab Opaque Base Extender to create pastel shades and with Lo Crock Binder to thin the paints out. Heat setting is necessary for permanence.

 Suggested Auxiliaries When Using PROfab Opaque Paints:

  • PROfab Opaque Base Extender
  • PRO Lo Crock Binder
  • PROfab Paint Thinner
  • PROfab Thickener
  • PROfab Paint Thinner Concentrate
  • PRO No Dri
  • PROfab Anti Mildew
  • PROfab Ph Leveler

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