Discharge Supplies / Color Removal

Discharge Supplies / Color Removal

  1. Anti-Chlor Concentrate
    Anti-Chlor Concentrate
    Price From: $1.98

    Anti-Chlor Concentrate: A sodium bisulfite compound used to neutralize residual chlorine when removing color with hypochlorite bleach. Good ventilation is necessary as is the use of a respirator with Acid Gas Cartridges while it is in powder form. bleach stop

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  2. Monagum W
    Monagum W
    Price From: $5.36

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    Monagum: Modified Starch Gum. It is the only thickener for discharge printing with hypochlorite bleach that stays thick.

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  3. Thiox
    Price From: $6.72

    Thiox: Thiourea Dioxide - a replacement for Sodium Hydrosulfite used in vat dyeing, discharge printing and general color stripping on cellulose and protein fibers. Shelf life is about two years, if stored in an air tight container. If you see that the contents in your jar has a yellowish cast, then it may have lost some of its strength and you may need to use more. Please do a test sample first. Thiox is five times stronger than Sodium Hydrosulfite.

    *Please note: This product can only be shipped in the Continental  U.S. due to regulations on the SDS.
    Yellow Triangle PROP 65 warning
    This product can expose you to chemicals including Thiourea, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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  4. deColourant by Jacquard
    deColourant by Jacquard
    Price From: $7.95

    deColourant by Jacquard (formerly Jacquard Discharge Paste) is a reformulated ready to use printing paste for removing areas of color from dyed natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. The most updated SDS is available below!

    This product is a pretty safe chemical, but as always we encourage practicing proper use and safe working conditions.

    Please note: We tested this product on hand-dyed cotton, silk and wool yardage and found it to discharge well, in addition to showing no damage to the fabric.

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