PRO Chemical & Dye offers lots of auxiliary products that assist in the dyeing & painting process. Some are in powder form and others are in liquid form.
  1. PRO Marbling Colorless Extender
    PRO Marbling Colorless Extender
    Price From: $2.00

    Colorless Extender: This helps to slow the spread of Marbling colors, as well as opening up areas to allow the ground cloth to show through.

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  2. PROfab Transparent Extender
    PROfab Transparent Extender
    Price From: $5.22

    Use this with PROfab Transparent Paints to achieve a lighter shade or add PROfab Color Concentrates to make your own Transparent fabric paint.

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  3. RESISTAD Water-Based-Gutta-Resist 8 oz.
    RESISTAD Water-Based-Gutta-Resist 8 oz.

    Water-Based Gutta – Medium Concentrate Resistad is the world's top performing water-based gutta resist! Developed by John Mitchell of Procolour in New Zealand, the formula was acquired and further improved upon by Jacquard Products in early 2017. Resistad's unique chemistry offers all the advantages of both permanent and removable resists plus more, without any of the disadvantages.
    This is what has made it the almost universally favored resist of silk painters all over the world.

    Utensils are easily cleaned with water, and there are no abnoxious fumes associated with using Resistad.


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  4. LYE
    Price From: $5.95

    PRO Lye: (Sodium Hydroxide Beads) is a strong alkali used with Vat dyes and Indigo. It is also a key ingredient in soap making. Please use protective clothing with proper ventilation when using LYE. Always add Lye to cold water!

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to Lye being a caustic material, IT CANNOT BE SHIPPED THROUGH ANY CARRIERS! This material can only be picked up at our facility. Please do not add to your cart if you are having an order shipped!

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  5. Jacquard Removable Water-based Resist
    Jacquard Removable Water-based Resist
    Price From: $4.95

    Jacquard Resist is available in 3 Convenient sizes. It is used to draw the outline of an image on silk. Removable Water-based Resist is a superior resist that easily washes out with warm water (even after steaming or setting), revealing the white or colored silk beneath. Removable Resist keeps the silk completely soft to the touch and allows artists to create layered designs, as in batik. It holds a crisp line without spreading and does not shrink or pucker when dry.

    Removable Resist may be tinted with any water-based dye for colored lines and is screenable, odorless, alcohol-free and non-toxic.

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  6. PRO Silk & Fabric Paint Colorless Extender
    PRO Silk & Fabric Paint Colorless Extender
    Price From: $3.28
    You can add this to any of the PRO Silk & Fabric Paint colors to make them more pastel. View Details
  7. Alum
    Price From: $2.85

    Alum: Aluminum Sulfate-Low Iron Grade, in Granular Form. This form of alum has less than 0.01% iron in it. It acts like a magnet, transferring marbling colors from the marbling base to the fabric.

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  8. Ammonium Sulfate
    Ammonium Sulfate
    Price From: $2.89

    Ammonium Sulfate: A mild acid forming salt used with WashFast Acid Dyes. Used as a fixative and also to insure levelness for light to medium shades.

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  9. Anti-Chlor Concentrate
    Anti-Chlor Concentrate
    Price From: $1.98

    Anti-Chlor Concentrate: A sodium bisulfite compound used to neutralize residual chlorine when removing color with hypochlorite bleach. Good ventilation is necessary as is the use of a respirator with Acid Gas Cartridges while it is in powder form. bleach stop

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  10. Bubble Jet Rinse - 16 oz.
    Bubble Jet Rinse - 16 oz.

    This product is excellent for washing fabrics that were recently dyed or painted. It prevents fabrics from immediate fading when washing.

    • - Bubble Jet Rinse is a mild detergent for direct ink and dye applications
    • - Seals bright colors in fabrics to prevent bleeding while removing unwanted stains
    • - Excellent for: Bleeding fabrics fading spotting removing waxes and knitting oils

    *Available in 16 oz. size only!

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